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Majors Travel along with their sister agency Pride Passages cater to the LGBT Community we understand the complexities of planning these vacations, please visit our Pride Passages website. Our LGBT friendly destinations are perfect for any getaway. Whether you want a romantic or adventurous vacation, we can help!  

Vacation fun for the LGBT community

Wherever you have dreamed of traveling let us match you with the best places to see and stay. You'll appreciate over 100 years of combined experience that will guide you to the best choices.


Use our knowledge to your advantage

Your cruise will be the perfect getaway that provides privacy when you need it along with adventurous stops. Discover new places with your significant other or friends and be in an atmosphere that is welcoming and understanding. You'll have an unforgettable time, and appreciate that it's all within your budget. So pack up your swimsuit and tanning lotion and head out on the open seas!

Drift away on a cruise for a romantic and exciting option

Don't be frustrated and waste time planning your vacation on your own. Leave it to us to plan it all out so your only responsibility is to have an amazing time.

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Get involved with the LGBT community!

Get involved with the LGBT community!

Looking to take part in an LGBT event? Call us and we can help you get to the next upcoming event! Leave everything to us, we will take care of your traveling needs.

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Ready to see the world?

Cuztomize your vacation!

Join the LGBT community

You can trust our agents

Our LGBT friendly destinations are perfect for any kind of get-away. Whether you want a romantic or adventurous vacation, we can help!

Our agents are here to make sure that your vacation is perfect. Whether you want to choose a package or create your own, we can help!

Ready to get involved but you aren't sure where to start? Let our agents help you find the event you want to be a part of and set it all up for you!

As part of the LGBT community, our agents strive to ensure that your vacation is exactly what you want it to be. Let us help you create the perfect vacation today!

We are members of IGLTA, NYC LGBT

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